7 Best Android Launchers

The default launchers installed in your android device does not gives a great customization option. So, users prefer to install custom launchers to make their android device according to their preferences. In this article, we have included 7 best android launchers.

Best Android launchers:

Nova Launcher

If you inquire any longtime user of Android what their most loved launcher is, they will surely ask you Nova Launcher. This Launcher is one of the first custom android launchers, and it is a demonstration of Nova launcher’s quality that despite everything it is a standout amongst other Android launchers you can utilize. Nova Launcher is exceedingly customizable and enables you to do customization to pretty much every part of it, including widgets, icons, app drawer, colors, icon size and padding. Download its prime version for free at nova launcher prime apk.

Action Launcher

This android launcher is also one of the best android launchers available in the Play Store. The main reason for the success of Action launcher is that the launcher is pretty simple and quick. It offers you Quickbar, Quickpage, Quickdrawer and Quicktheme. Every function offered in the action launcher is very quick and hence this makes it one of the quickest android launcher.

Smart Launcher 5

Another best android launcher is smart launcher 5, it is also one of the first released android launchers. The home screen of this launcher features you great placement options and also smart search option offered by smart launcher 5 is pretty useful. The app also offers you app drawer and much more.

Lawnchair Launcher

This is not an old one but a newly released android launcher. This launcher app brings the features similar to the Pixel Launcher features. The main thing about this launcher is that the app offers you open-source project and it means that you get all the features of this app for free.

Microsoft Launcher

This android launcher was recently known as Arrow Launcher until the organization decided to rebrand it and then release the new app with some new features included.  Microsoft Launcher gives you an opportunity to customize the look and feel of your gadget by enabling you to alter your accent colors, theme and wallpaper etc. The featuring highlight of this android launcher is the customized channel area which demonstrates to you your most essential data like contacts, docs, calendar events, and news

Blackberry Launcher:

You may be thinking that it is just a blackberry launcher and can’t be used on every android device. But, they have migrated BBX to android and hence they introduced an app of Blackberry Launcher on the Play Store. The app is pretty stable and is mainly used for new blackberry android devices. This is one of the best custom android launchers you can use for your android device.

Zen UI:

Zen UI android launcher is ideal for those specific android users who always want to play with various colors and themes. It gives you a heap of options in the app drawers and theme category. Zen UI android launcher additionally deals with the application customization with a simple methodology and furthermore gives us simple access to the contacts, most used apps and search bar by a simply fast swipe down. The app is a standout amongst the most used custom android launchers.