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Imgur and Reddit are Fantastic for Wallpaper

Imgur and Reddit are fantastic sources for HD and UHD wallpapers. These two apps go hand-in-hand, sincerely. Reddit customers posting wallpapers commonly use Imgur, and maximum high decision wallpapers on Imgur are usually published someplace on Reddit. Both apps are loose and relatively easy to apply. Reddit has a chunk of a learning curve in case you do not already use it.

There are a bunch of subreddits with correct wallpapers for cell, computer, and many others. Those sincerely hunting for splendid UHD, QHD, HD, or anything kinds of barechested wallpapers must truly test these. You can locate all forms of outstanding collections. The DeviantArt website is every other outstanding spot like Reddit for excellent high wallpapers.

The Chronicles of Ptcl Fiber Optic Speed Test

Ptcl Fiber Optic Speed Test – Dead or Alive?

Provided that fiber can be found at your address, you simply should call up and make an appointment. If there’s a fiber break down, the connection isn’t cut down. A standard optical fiber includes an extremely narrow strand or fiber of glass known as the core.

PTCL SPeed Test

The launch cable should match the fiber dimensions and connector sort of the cable you would like to test, and be tested to ensure it’s a minimal loss connector. It’s far better to try out a different cable. Different optical cables are required for different applications. One particular such cable is named Marea. With this kind of a large number of benefits, the time isn’t far when fiber optic cable will definitely outshine all kinds of the networking cable system.

The coaxial cable contains a single good copper wire, which is known as the inner conductor. So once you go to pick out a fiber optic cable, there are a couple of things you will want to understand. Ptcl Fiber Optic Speed Test cable is the latest approach to become connected at your residence or business.

Choosing Ptcl Fiber Optic Speed Test Is Simple

No matter, what sort of connection you use. Your internet connection was restored to its real glory. If you’re not able to find fiber connections still, you might need to at least consider DSL as a choice. Don’t hesitate whether it shows an exclamation sign we just require a stable connection for the time being. For instance, the cable connection you get is dependent on the shared bandwidth, the variety of users on the system at any moment, and the latency on the network.

There are several easy ways on the world wide web to learn actual online speed. Then, you will certainly be irritated of your internet. Ptcl internet is among the ideal internet services in Pakistan.

Whether you require broadband at home or mobile broadband, you’ll want the absolute best for the money. Mobile broadband may be the ideal choice if you’re an incredibly light user and don’t want or have a telephone line at home, or when you travel a good deal and moving your internet connection around with you is critical. Generally, fixed broadband is the very best solution for the majority of us. So whether you’re looking for broadband for the home, office or for when you’re out and about, you’ll need to compare the ideal broadband plans extended in Pakistan because that will guarantee that you always get the best deal and the best prices and produces a well-informed choice.

The Truth About Ptcl Fiber Optic Speed Test

Even for those who have a great deal of bandwidth, you can experience happy voice-transmission or response lag if your latency is too large. Bandwidth is a rather old term that predates the arrival of computers and the other digital technologies. In fact, the bandwidth measures the quantity of information which can be transmitted through the media within the given amount of time. It is just one factor that determines the Internet connection’s speed. Bandwidth above a modem connection can occasionally be tough to comprehend.

Ptcl speed test link

Ptcl Fiber Optic Speed Test – the Conspiracy

In the event the speed isn’t very high, you may need to speak to your network provider to check for the right solution. Communications speed will be contingent on the bps transmission speed, the quantity of information in every single chunk packet frame of internet data transmitted in addition to the error rate e.g. one 1-bit error in 10,000 bits transmitted or perhaps a good deal lower. In computing, speed and bandwidth are frequently used interchangeably since they frequently indicate something similar.

Speed is generally a critical matter for network architects due to the way it establishes the kind of fiber optic connection and data provisioning equipment. Internet Speed is often as large as a firm is able to purchase from an ISP. The online speed provided is contingent on the technology utilized by the ISPs that give the service.

Up in Arms About Ptcl Fiber Optic Speed Test?

Hopefully, once you run the tests you’ll find out your connection is ideal. It is possible to also run a speed test however downloading files might be helpful if you wish to do so from various tools. DSL speed test is needed to check internet speed, which determines the time necessary to download and send data online.

The Basics of Ptcl Fiber Optic Speed Test

If you own an issue with the flow test when you have suggestions, comments, or even when you only want to send a message of encouragement. There are a lot of reasons why you use the exact reference way of single-ended and double-ended tests. It’s possible for you to run an online speed test, but what exactly does it tell you, and how useful is the data which you get from it.

Download Androrat Complete Project

AndroRat is a server/client software superior in Java Android for the purchaser element and in Java/Swing for the Server. The call AndroRatis a combination of Android and RAT (Remote Access Tool). It’s a far off management tool that lets in to manipulate cellular gadgets remotely with a computer.

What makes it so powerful?

Androrat is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) tool which is probably very smooth to artwork with. A easy double-click on on a customer open his window to have interaction with any of the related consumer. All the associated clients appears in a window like verified underneath. Androrat customer list automatically receives up to date while a contemporary-day day person connects or is disconnected. In the log panel below the client list, indicates all the connection logs.

All the commands are categorized within the top tabbed menu. The default tab is referred to as Home and offer numerous functionalities. First as we can see in the left scroll view all the statistics about the customer like service infomartion, battery reputation, network specific recognition, sensors reputation and masses of others.


  • Do a toast
  • Monitoring phone state in live (call received, call sent, call missed..)
  • Take a snapshots from the camera
  • Get contacts complete info.
  • Get all logs
  • Stream sound from microphone and media played.
  • Streaming video (for activity based client only)
  • Open an URL in the default browser
  • Check out installed Apps
  • Do vibrate the phone
  • Check out Browser History
  • Send text messages
  • Monitor messages and other conversations
  • Find out the Location by GPS/Network
  • Make a call
  • Monitoring received messages in live

Best Killers App for Android

Best Killers App for Android

Of route, excellent app killer for Android is the uninstall button. It makes feel to in reality uninstall the app that is hogging up space to your cell phone instead of killing it. However, in case your cell isn’t rooted, and the app you hate is a gadget app for some reason, you’ll have no chance of uninstalling it. This is precisely wherein the excellent app killers for Android will come on your resource and strangle the app out of lifestyles.

A point to be referred to right here is which you cannot kill essential gadget apps because with a purpose to purpose stability problems and won’t be as pretty as you suspect. Thankfully, manufacturer or service bloatware can effortlessly be killed off with one of the satisfactory app killers for Android.

Writer’s Note: The excellent app killers for Android or challenge killers for Android are not going to murder an app surely. They will put the app on the ice, a suspended state that gained’t allow the app even to talk. If you want to forgive an app, you can merely un-kill it to wake it returned up.


Greenify is one of the social Android apps that may easily place any Android app to sleep and that too in terrific style. It is a well-designed app and is derived with an easy to observe interface. One of the delicate matters approximately this app is its potential to understand which apps are draining assets speedy, mainly which ones are hammering the battery life. From there you may easily position worrying apps to sleep so that they received’t consume gadget assets anymore.

Identifying and setting the old apps into deep hibernation while you aren’t actively using them enables your tool to respire a touch bit easier and the battery existence to thrive. One leading factor approximately Greenify is that the hibernation is damaged after you actively click on the app icon, and once you’ve accomplished with the app, it is going lower back to hibernation.

So in my humble opinion, that is a higher solution than in reality killing an app permanently without any way to fast revive it for utilisation. Sure, you could not want to use provider apps plenty. However, there will come a time when you’ll wish to them briefly; Greenify ensures that they will find paintings flawlessly.


Azar Video App

The Azar Apk Premium is a surprisingly comfy Android software which gives the premier safety to all of the subscriber’s information & statistics. To use this application, you need to first sign up with the few details about you, and you have to install an account. All of your info may be protected by the secure private server of the utility.


Download Tubemate Video Downloader Latest Version

Download Tubemate Video downloader for free. This application is one of the best popular apps in the world. Here you can easily download audio an video files on the Android phone. There are so many downloaders available in the different platforms but this app is great as compared to the video downloader. This app is so many new featured updated. This application made me very easy to download video from different platforms. It is only available for the android user but here you can get free download tubemate video downloader for android user. To download this application in windows. Similarly, you need to download an emulator first. You can easily download this app with the help of Android Emulator. After downloading this emulator, you can download your favorite Files or video in your devices or phones.

Tubemate Video Downloader

Updated features Of Tubemate For Windows:

>The most useful application for Windows or Android user for downloading the video in a very short time such as seconds.

>Youtube resolution videos are about 144p to 4k video from the youtube. Further, Download Musically Songs support all features to download the video in every range.

>The updated version of Tubemate app is also work in for the windows phone user. In the latest version of tubemate, you can easily download the video as compared to the old version( internet is required to work).

>This application is allowed you to share your favorite videos in each format.

> No limit to download you can download many videos as you can. You can easily download videos in every ranges from the resolution of 144p to 4k videos.

> Windows phone user also watch the mp4 video in your devices and also see then later in offline.

>You can download videos in the background, so you can easily perform your task.

> It is very easy to find and download videos in mp4 With the help of tubemate video doenloader.a

> The codec of Tubemate is very easy and simple. There are simple steps to download a youtube video on your Windows devices.

> You can also watch and download trending videos with the help of Tubemate Video Downloader.

> The downloaded videos will automatically store in the sd card of your phone but you can easily change the location of videos where you want to store them.

Tubemate Video Downloader


Tubemate Video Downloader is a Youtube app where you can easily download youtube videos. You can watch your favorite videos in offline mode, and everything else you can download with the help of this app. You can make your own playlist and add your favorite videos. Hence this is one of the best downloaders as compared to the downloader. You can easily download, the link is given in this article, download it and enjoy their features.

Free Sniper 3D APK Hack Download

Undoubtedly, the Sniper 3D APK is one of the most downloaded & valuable game for the Android platform. Up to now this incredible game got 100 Million download and still the number of downloading is expanding. It is extremely amiable and downloaded Game over the Android Platform. In the Sniper 3D APK Hack, you will enjoy the job of Sniper in which you will be on various missions to bring down the fear mongers, killers, and other such crooks.

In the Sniper 3D APK Hack you will be outfitted with various weapons yet as you continue gradually in the game your skills and weapons begin getting to be develop. You will experience numerous sorts of missions in which it is possible that you need to bring down just a single criminal or various offenders in one go. You will get the experience of numerous weapons also like rifles, shotguns, expert marksmen, long range firearms, and some more.

sniper 3d hack

The user interface of the Sniper 3D APK Hack is very simple and straightforward. Anyone can easily get familiar with it even if he is playing the game for the first time. In the Hackversion you can enjoy all the 30 missions of the game from the very first moment you download & install it on your Android Smartphone. Most of the missions are placed in Tonka Bay, Landsburg, and Porter statures.

In the Sniper 3D APK Hack Download Game, you will have the capacity to appreciate every one of the weapons for nothing, yes for free of cost and will likewise appreciate limitless cash. You can undoubtedly control any weapon as you need. Each and every missions of the game are opened from the very first point of the game. Moreover, you don’t need to spend a single penny to enjoy the fullest potential of the game. Download now Sniper 3D APK Hack for free. Enjoy the most elite wellspring of Sniper 3D APK Hack Game for free & download it now.

New in the Updated Minecraft APK Mode

Minecraft is a one of the best Android Game with the fine mixture of adventure and fun. The whole game is about putting block and going on through multiple missions.

Investigate randomly created universes and assemble stunning things from the most straightforward of homes to the most fabulous of manors. Play in imaginative mode with countless assets or mine profound into the world in survival mode, making weapons and defensive layer to battle off the risky hordes. Specialty, make, and investigate alone, or with companions on Android Smartphones, Windows phones, and now even on Windows 10 for free. Enjoy Minecraft from Android.

Minecraft apk


  • What’s New in the Updated Minecraft APK Mode
  • Fallout blend pack
  • Our most recent refresh incorporates the new aftermath blend pack!
  • Power Rangers Skin Pack
  • Our most recent refresh incorporates the new Power Rangers skin pack!

Once you download & install the Minecraft World in your Android Smartphone you will be able to enjoy the magical world full of blocks. Minecraft APK lies in the adventurous category of the Android Gaming in the Google Play Store. You can easily download it from Google play store but with the Play Store you can enjoy the fullest potential of the game. That’s why it is highly recommended to download from the third-party web. Click on the link given to start to Minecraft APK download Mode.

Minecraft is a world prominent 3D sandbox adventurous game. In the Minecraft Game the players can take an experience of the new world with companions or alone. Furthermore, in the Minecraft you can fabricate your own reality by the case with your stunning imagination. Your annihilation can made weapons to crush the outside foe through the assets which you gathered while playing the Minecraft APK for Android.

Interesting Roblox APK hacks for Fun

Roblox app is something beyond than a mere collection of some games. Roblox comprises 3D immersive games created by brainy minds, those brainy heads are not other than the users of Roblox. Players come in Roblox for availing their leisure time and also come to this platform to share their creativity by producing interesting games. The podium of Roblox also brings incredibly interesting Roblox APK hacks. These Roblox APK hacks are actually the set of tricks that tend to be so helpful in playing Roblox games and for some other stuff.

interesting roblox apk hacks

Roblox hack signifies to five Roblox tricks and each one of them is of high utility and a great deal of entertainment. Let’s take a look what are Roblox APK hacks and how they can be useful for you, dig deeper and buckle up yourself to make the best out of them.

1. Roblox Codes

The Roblox codes are used when you play Roblox games, it facilitates you while playing the games with immense ease.

2. Roblox Dress codes

It provides you a wide range of costumes that a player can use for the characters of Roblox games. Attires of various occasions are available in Roblox Dress Codes

roblox apk hacks

3. Roblox Music codes

For listening the full-length songs in a sublime quality Roblox Music Codes will be just the ticket for you. It will give you a bass in order to play Roblox games with music boxes, role-plays and clubs.

4. Make Roblox Run Faster

Make Roblox Run Faster promises to fix the irksome problem of slow-running games, so for all the lagging games you can utilize ‘Make Roblox Run Faster’.

5. Clothes in Roblox

This allows you to produce the characters with the help of your imagination. Design your desired character by making the brilliant use of your imagination. Clothes in Roblox include pants, T-shirts etc.

Roblox APK hacks facilitate you in so many ways, their utility can’t be denied in any way at all. Once you use them you would agree strongly that Roblox hacks are equipped with tons of awesome perks and advantages.

APK Editor Pro Free Download Latest Version

APK Editor Pro is the most effective Android application editing tool you can set up on your gadget. You can utilize the application to edit any type of applications resource documents and also change and naturally save it. You can use this outstanding APK Editor to transform the file of beginning of a video game as well as hack the worth of resources; it’s just an example you can do a whole lot a lot more with the app. Below you’ll get to download the APK Editor Pro most recent version free of cost.

APK Editor Pro is one of the most effective and effective tools which can modify/ customize or hack APK data of an application for fun. You can change the APK file of an application to enhance the resource value of a game, raise your rating in a game or something else.

Features of APK Editor Pro

When you have the origin documents of an Application, you can do a great deal of point with it. Listed below I have actually stated a few of the features of APK Editor Pro application which will certainly help you with modifying the documents.

  • Select any APK file to edit with the app
  • You can also select APK file from the app directly
  • The app has Autorun Manager feature
  • It has APK Permission Remover feature
  • Built-in hack app data option
  • Modify any file of the app directly from APK Editor

These are some prominent attributes of the application, however finally nothing matters other than what you can do with the application. Listed below I have actually included the important things you can do with this superb APK editor tool

Points you can do with APK Editor Pro

In simple, you can do whatever you want with the APK documents of an app But you need to be cautious because one miscoding can make the app not functioning. Listed below I have actually included some things that you can do with APK Editor Pro.

  • Edit any file or part or any APK file or app
  • Remove APK permission
  • Manage autorun of an application
  • Hack data of an application
  • Hack resources of a game
  • Modify the value of a game or app
  • Change any file with easy to use patch

You might be looking for the APK Editor Pro since you can do these points. Also if not, don’t fret due to the fact that I have not included several attributes of the application over. There are much more things that you can do with the application including the points pointed out over. You can even alter the design of an application with the tool.

APK Editor Pro Download
Download And Install APK Editor Pro [Most recent Version] The download link for APK Editor Pro APK is included below. To start downloading and install the application all you need to do is click the download switch listed below and also it will certainly start downloading the app instantly. The documents added below is constantly the most recent variation as well as safe to mount on your device. If you deal with any kind of issue while downloading the APK file from listed below, feel free to leave a comment listed below, and I’ll repair it for you.
Possibly you have actually effectively downloaded the data. If you wonder just how to install the APK data of APK Editor Pro APKPURE and also use it on your Android, adhere to the guides included below. Additionally, inspect the APK Editor Pro for COMPUTER overview to set up the tool on COMPUTER.

7 Best Android Launchers

The default launchers installed in your android device does not gives a great customization option. So, users prefer to install custom launchers to make their android device according to their preferences. In this article, we have included 7 best android launchers.

Best Android launchers:

Nova Launcher

If you inquire any longtime user of Android what their most loved launcher is, they will surely ask you Nova Launcher. This Launcher is one of the first custom android launchers, and it is a demonstration of Nova launcher’s quality that despite everything it is a standout amongst other Android launchers you can utilize. Nova Launcher is exceedingly customizable and enables you to do customization to pretty much every part of it, including widgets, icons, app drawer, colors, icon size and padding. Download its prime version for free at nova launcher prime apk.

Action Launcher

This android launcher is also one of the best android launchers available in the Play Store. The main reason for the success of Action launcher is that the launcher is pretty simple and quick. It offers you Quickbar, Quickpage, Quickdrawer and Quicktheme. Every function offered in the action launcher is very quick and hence this makes it one of the quickest android launcher.

Smart Launcher 5

Another best android launcher is smart launcher 5, it is also one of the first released android launchers. The home screen of this launcher features you great placement options and also smart search option offered by smart launcher 5 is pretty useful. The app also offers you app drawer and much more.

Lawnchair Launcher

This is not an old one but a newly released android launcher. This launcher app brings the features similar to the Pixel Launcher features. The main thing about this launcher is that the app offers you open-source project and it means that you get all the features of this app for free.

Microsoft Launcher

This android launcher was recently known as Arrow Launcher until the organization decided to rebrand it and then release the new app with some new features included.  Microsoft Launcher gives you an opportunity to customize the look and feel of your gadget by enabling you to alter your accent colors, theme and wallpaper etc. The featuring highlight of this android launcher is the customized channel area which demonstrates to you your most essential data like contacts, docs, calendar events, and news

Blackberry Launcher:

You may be thinking that it is just a blackberry launcher and can’t be used on every android device. But, they have migrated BBX to android and hence they introduced an app of Blackberry Launcher on the Play Store. The app is pretty stable and is mainly used for new blackberry android devices. This is one of the best custom android launchers you can use for your android device.

Zen UI:

Zen UI android launcher is ideal for those specific android users who always want to play with various colors and themes. It gives you a heap of options in the app drawers and theme category. Zen UI android launcher additionally deals with the application customization with a simple methodology and furthermore gives us simple access to the contacts, most used apps and search bar by a simply fast swipe down. The app is a standout amongst the most used custom android launchers.